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Welcome to Dalmun


DALMUN has blossomed through the years into a one-of-a-kind Debate Conference, it being the only academically backed Model UN forum to open its doors to all those in pursuit of academically oriented lines and courses, thereby nullifying the concept of choosing a restricted audience to partake in the very noble cause of reaching a profound understanding by way of diplomacy and the spoken word.
This being the fourth installment in a hugely successful string of annual holdings. DALMUN ventured into conception several years ago. This was made possible solely through the untiring, passionate work of a handful of DPS A Level students who put numerous hours, day and night into something that was later to become one of the most recognized, renowned and acclaimed High School MUNs within the country. Here, DALMUN offers you a diverse, assorted array of actual UN Committees and allows you to partake in discussions aiming to bring the many foreign and domestic debacles plaguing our communities to an effective, applicable and realizable resolve. Our various mandates are configured under UN Charter guidelines and are fashioned so as to befit the workings of the contemporary world. DALMUN aims not only to bring you a wholesome debating experience, rather, we bring forth before you avenues and vistas wherein you can step up to compete with debating styles and topics in places throughout the globe.


DALMUN is Dawood A Level’s very own annual MUN Conference. For our motto, we have always upheld the vow to be the change we wish to see around us in the world. For the fulfillment of precisely this objective, this year Dawood Public School collaborates with WWF-Pakistan to present the fourth edition of Dawood A Level Model United Nations conference, DALMUN 2016 –  “Forwarding Environmental Concerns through Diplomacy”.

DALMUN started its journey in 2013, as the MUN conference which advocates change, sustainability and continual development. This year, the theme “Forwarding Environmental Concerns through Diplomacy” will offer the delegates a diverse and assorted array of actual UN Committees and discussions aim to bring the many foreign and domestic environmental debacles plaguing our communities to an effective, applicable and realizable resolve. In our aim to ‪change the world into a place, that promises adequate resources for all generations to come, and an environment, which is healthy for all.  Avail this amazing opportunity and register yourselves now at http://dalmun.org/

We are happy to share that the Opening Ceremony of DALMUN 2016 will be held in the Sindh Assembly on February 04, 2016. This will provide delegates of DALMUN 2016 a first hand experience of the Parliamentary aura and become  a part of living history. DALMUN 2016 will culminate in a grand closing on Sunday, February 07,  marking the evolution of  aspiring, like minded environmentalists of tomorrow.

Why DALMUN 2016 holds special significance is due to the fact that our prime objective is to impart essential knowledge, and find solutions to the predicament our world finds itself in today, and how to ensure a safer, cleaner, healthier tomorrow for ourselves and all species for whom Planet Earth is home.